Code Wizards

Branding, logo design, artwork, web design AI/UX/UI, wireframing.


Code Wizards have worked on some of the worlds biggest computer games and were looking for a company to deliver a full rebrand and position them as experts in their field.

We began by reimagining their logo, ensuring to stay true to their original but with improved legibility. Our brief was to keep the 'punk' aesthetic of the existing logo whilst ensuring it would also work in the corporate world and across various media. We then created sub-brands for each area of the company, each with their own individual logo and palette.

A full website was designed from the ground up, from information architecture to days spent on digital artwork. User experience was paramount in this project and, working closely with the CW team, we managed to succinctly collate all the vital information and plan a navigation structure that was clear and fit for purpose.

Wireframes were built at every stage to show usesr flow thorugh the site and every element from the background images to the buttons were designed from scratch to be in-keeping with the look and feel of the brand.

A final working version was built using Adobe XD to visualise the entire site, along with full functionality.


"James from Aubern Creative is a terrific artist and a pleasure to work with. Being the creative force behind our recent rebrand and logo redesign, James was the natural choice for an overhaul of the Code Wizards website. Combining stunning visuals - that speak to who we are as a brand - with a simplicity of use that makes the new site extremely user-friendly.

James’s creativity and attention to detail are unparalleled. He perfectly captured our vision and brought it to life with his technical prowess and artistic flair. The process was smooth, efficient, and collaborative.

We couldn't be happier with the results and won't hesitate to lean on Aubern for future creative design work."

Matt Simpkin, Marketing Director, Code Wizards

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